City University of Hong Kong School Strike Open Ceremony

9.2 City University of Hong Kong School Strike Open Ceremony
On September 2 the first day of school, students’ unions of universities and colleges have announced that “a strike in class but not in education” will begin in light of the Five Major Demands, which have yet satisfied. City University’s Students’ Union held the orientation day today and started with a moment of silence in rain on the footbridge outside of Yeung Kin Man Academic Building. Apart from a banner hung at the scene that writes “Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Times”, incoming students had also worn t-shirts printed with “Die in crying out but not live in silence” (寧嗚而死 不默而生), a quote from an ancient Chinese prose.

Source: USP United Social Press

La Salle College: Students may get a major demerit for wearing masks

La Salle College: Students may get a major demerit for wearing masks

A dozen of riot police stopped and searched students outside La Salle College this morning. Police took record of students’ personal information.

Later students claimed that the school might give students who wore black masks a major demerit.

Source: Information on Class Boycott #StrikeDay

New Territories Heung Yee Kuk Yuen Long District Secondary School

0954 New Territories Heung Yee Kuk Yuen Long District Secondary School

Today at 0815, students and alumni were stopped and searched by more than 10 Tactical Unit policemen when distributing flyers outside school gates.

Police did not provide a reason for the search, but claimed that they “have reasonable doubt” that persons being searched did not carry their HKID. A emergency unit vehicle was still on guard at the scene at 09:45.

It is known that the school did not send any teachers or school staff to assist the students and alumni.

Source: #StrikeDay

St Francis Canossian College

Sep 2
St Francis Canossian College, which Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor attended, six students wearing school uniform, wearing yellow helmets, goggles and masks, holding slogans, kneeling in the rain for half an hour in front of the school, hoping to arouse the students’ attention to the campaign, and hope that their alumnus Carrie Lam can listen to their voices.

Source: Demosistõ TG Channel

2020 Central Ferry Pier 6

2020 Central Ferry Pier 6

Police continue attempting to arrest people arriving from Tung Chung or Mui Wo. All alighting passengers would be stopped and searched.

Source: Apple Daily

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Tung Chung Station

18:54 Tung Chung Station

Police have left the platform. Middle-aged man inside the train compartment condemns MTR’s arrangement and asks the train to start again so everyone can leave safely.

1904 Police inside the Train compartment claims the upper floor is secured by the police and is very safe. He then suggests civilians to take other transportations to leave, but most civilians seem to feel helpless as they are still worried for their safety.

Source: Apple Daily & Cable TV

1917 Fu Tung Estate, Tung Chung
Riot police, Special Tactical Sqaud and plainclothes officers stood guard outside the estate. Riot police asked the press to leave because the police could fire shots any time. Reporters said this may not comply with police guidelines.

Source: Stand News

1956 Central Ferry Pier
Over 50 riot police stood guard to stop and search passengers stepping off the ferry. Some passengers were taken to the side and a police cordon line was set up to restrict access to the area.

Source: Anti-ELAB FC Channel

Chef Sai Fai’s Witness account of the police violence incident in Prince Edward station on 31 August

Original post on the Facebook group “Alliance of Chef”

//Getting off work tonight, I was on my way home. Unfortunately I boarded on a “train of massacre”. What happened next was gruesome and shook me to the core!

Countless passengers were beaten up and assaulted by police indiscriminately. Yet I foresee that many Blue-Ribbons would still believe in the blatant lies spread by the Hong Kong Police/Government/Pro-Beijing political bodies, putting all the blame on the protesters.//

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To people around the world,

The Hong Kong Special Administration Region Government and the Hong Kong Police Force orchestrated a terrorist attack at about 2300 hours on citizens on Saturday, 31st August 2019. The incident took place in a railway station operated by the MTR Corporation Limited.

The attachment is an unedited video footage of the scene of three minutes and seven seconds in length, with a time stamp at 23:05. A large number of police officers equipped with helmets, shields and such weapons as truncheons, pepper sprays and guns emerged in one of the four platforms of Prince Edward Station. With no warnings signalled or identities of the citizens at the scene verified, they were charging at a speed inside the train compartment and on the platform, using violence on citizens and conducting arrests.

The police officers subdued unarmed citizens (0:22-0:40 and 1:40-1:46), threatened passengers (0:50-1:02), pointed a gun twice and a pepper spray towards the compartment (1:15 & 1:33 and 1:20 respectively), deployed two pepper sprays (1:45-1:52), truncheoned at the screen doors (1:50-1:54), flashed light at the camera (2:09), beat passengers with a truncheon (2:14-2:27), and deployed pepper spray on a small crowd of four (2:29).

No assault on any police officers were seen in this video. Meanwhile, the MTR Corporation Limited announced via broadcast the railway station in question would be closed in a short while and urged passengers to leave.

In this footage, police officers are seen using excessive force on citizens indiscriminately in an indoor area with no ongoing violent clashes and under no personal physical threat. The arrests of passengers leaving the train were conducted at an average ratio of 5 suited officers to 1 unarmed citizen, while any further force used on the already subdued arrestees were totally unnecessary. Police officers are also seen emotionally unstable when conducting operations, they were heard shouting “lie down!” repeatedly at an already lied down citizen and seen gesturing in a provocative manner (1:15-1:26). The use of firearms was also, once again after inexhaustible occasions, in breach of protocols where the deployment of the sorts within a short distance plus in an enclosed area (c.f. MTR train compartments: 22m L x 3.1m W x 3.8m H) can be extremely dangerous and lethal. It is also unjustified as not any needs of crowd control can be observed in this circumstance. Personal lives of the people involved, including but not limited to passengers of every age and gender, journalists, train staff, and the police officers, were endangered by the police. Mismanagement of the MTR Corporation Limited is also clearly documented in this footage which the safety of passengers, if not alone, then staff too, were completely ignored when the train doors kept open and shut without leaving the station in a way it was supposed to be.

Passengers were heard asking police officers to refrain from opening fire and stay calm, as well as seen shielding themselves helplessly only with umbrellas and clothes. They were unarmed and they posed no threat. At every confrontation between the citizens and the police recorded in this video, the ordinary folks were outnumbered by the officers with full protective gear and weapons. The passengers were crying in despair and begging for mercy in this life and death situation but the Hong Kong Police Force-and the Hong Kong government-turned a blind eye. They were left stranded when the people who were supposed to protect them hurt them. There were no medical assistance for people injured.

This is, we are in deep regret to say, a humanitarian crisis after so many humanitarian crises Hong Kong has been experiencing over the course of the past 80 days or so. The Hong Kong government is failed. The Hong Kong Police Force is corrupted.